The play
Cloaca by Maria Goos, premieres in the renovated Old Vic Theatre in London on 28th September 2004. Kevin Spacey directs the play. Actors Hugh Bonneville, Neil Pearson, Stephen Tompkinson, Adrian Lukis and Ingeborga Dapkunaite perform.
4 pictures from the premiere, visiting Amsterdam
'Club Cloaca'
"... They are the hit of Dutch theatre, the Cloaca-club. Pierre Bokma, Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Maria Goos, Peter Blok and Willem van de Sande Bakhuyzen. Friends since drama school, immortalized as a group in the play Cloaca. ‘This is about us.’ ..."
Read Joost Ramaer on Club Cloaca in the Dutch daily newspaper De Volkskrant, August 26 2004
"... the people, also British people are enjoying the show intensely. That’s what Kevin told me, that’s what Jeremy and David told me and that’s what Dutch friends of ours, who saw the show a few days after our awful press night, told me. They are responding to the show with rounds and a warm applause. Now my question is: how can this be? How on earth is this possible! ..."
Read a (translated) part of the email Maria Goos has sent concerning Cloaca in The Old Vic. From Maria Goos' Dutch Online diary, October 5 2004.
The movie
Genre: Comedy-Drama, Country: Netherlands, Language: Dutch
Year: 2003, Running Time: 105 mins, Trailer: Click here

Director: Willem van de Sande Bakhyzen
Producer: Hanneke Niens and Anton Smit
Writer: Maria Goos, based on her hit play

Principal cast
Peter Blok, Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Jaap Spijkers and Pierre Bokma

Dutch Academy Awards 2004: WINNER - Golden Picture Best Drama, Nominated - Golden Picture Best Actor
Euregio Film Award 2004: WINNER - Favourite Film In The Netherlands
Netherlands Film Festival 2003: WINNER - Audience Award, WINNER - Special Jury Prize, Nominated - Dutch Film Critics Award

Four old college friends are brought together again in middle age. Now in their forties, life has dealt each man a different set of cards since the relative freedom of youth. Joep, an ambitious politician on the cusp of a high profile job, is seeking refuge at his friend Pieter's flat from a marriage on the rocks.
Pieter, meanwhile, has hit a crisis of his own as a once promising artist who never quite made the grade. The municipality from whom he has acquired a series of paintings are now demanding them back. Their mutual friend, Tom, now a successful lawyer, is determined to help Pieter keep the paintings. Only problem is, with a cocaine addiction spinning wildly out of control, he has a few problems of his own to address first.
Meanwhile, playwright and friend to all three men, Maarten, is having an affair with his leading lady - an up and coming actress who also happens to be Joep's eighteen year-old daughter. Four men deep in crisis turn to each other for help; but soon discover the complexities of their own lives have a habit of getting in the way of friendship.